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Michigan Governor Refuses to Sign Aftermarket Parts Bill

Yesterday, June 16th, Governor Rick Snyder vetoed House Bill 4344, which, among other provisions, would require all replacement parts to meet a verifiable OEM quality standard.

To see the Governor’s letter accompanying the veto, please click here.


New Hampshire Parts Legislation Passes Senate, Awaits House Hearing

New Hampshire Senate Bill (SB) 436, introduced by State Senator Nancy Stiles (R-24)  requires an insurer to disclose whether or not an estimate has been prepared based on the use of aftermarket parts. The bill would also prohibit an insurer from requiring or specifying the use of aftermarket parts on certain leased vehicles, vehicles less than 2 years old, or vehicles with fewer than 30,000 miles.

The bill passed the Senate on March 3rd and is scheduled for a public hearing on March 29th.

In a letter to New Hampshire legislature, ASA stated, “We are writing today in support of Senate Bill 436.  This legislation is good for consumers, good for shops and consistent with trends in other jurisdictions.” To view the full text of the letter, please click here.


ASA Testifies Before Michigan Insurance Committee

On December 2nd, the Michigan Senate Insurance Committee held a hearing on Senate Bill 430, a bill to amend the insurance code to prohibit insurers from requiring automotive repairers to use a specific vendor or process to procure parts and other materials.

Automotive Service Association (ASA) President Dan Risley joined with ASA-Michigan President Ray Fisher to testify before the Insurance Committee in support of S.B.430.

To read Dan Risley’s full testimony, click here.

To read Ray Fisher’s full testimony, click here.