Vehicle Inspections

ASA Discusses Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection Programs & OEM Repair Procedures

During the Automotive Service Association’s Annual Business Meeting & Conference, Bob Redding, ASA Washington, D.C. representative, sat down with Tom Piippo, AMAM, Mechanical Division Director, and Scott Benavidez, AAM, former Collision Division Director, and the current ASA Secretary/Treasurer, to discuss the importance of Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection Programs and OEM repair procedures.

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Auto Associations Oppose Missouri Legislation Eliminating Vehicle Safety Inspections

The Automotive Service Association (ASA), Auto Care Association (ACA), and the Tire Industry Association (TIA) have joined to oppose Missouri House Bill 451 that would repeal the requirement that all motor vehicles must obtain an inspection before the vehicle may be licensed. The ASA, ACA, and TIA all support periodic motor vehicle inspections, as it enhances safety and prevents injuries to the motoring public. Regular safety inspections by a qualified technician can identify and repair most safety issues that can arise from normal wear and tear on a vehicle. Without a vehicle safety inspection program in place, these normal wear and tear issues will go unnoticed and put the motoring public at risk.

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