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FY 2013 Highway Safety Funding

Recently a document NHTSA sent to states explaining why most were ineligible for federal money surfaced. Around half of the 38 state applicants were turned back because their state law didn’t specify that drivers can’t text while the car is stationary, as driving is defined in federal law as piloting a vehicle, even “while temporarily stationary.” Several other states were rejected because their laws are specific to phones and other devices like tablets weren’t included. States also faced problems over “texting” and didn’t have laws that were specific enough to meet the federal definition. There was also a problem with exemptions for school bus drivers and doctors, some state laws didn’t specify that the exemption from the texting ban is only for contacting emergency services. To see GHSA’s (Governors Highway Safety Association) breakdown of how much each state got from the distracted driving and other safety grants click here.

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