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Premier Performance fined $500,000 for offering illegal aftermarket parts for sale in California

SACRAMENTO- The California Air Resources Board today announced that Premier
Performance LLC of Rexburg, Idaho, has agreed to a settlement totaling
$515,000 to resolve violations of the California Health and Safety Code
related to the sales of illegal aftermarket performance parts in California.

Air Resources Board investigators discovered that Premier, a large warehouse
distributor of aftermarket and performance automotive parts, sold
modifications for pollution controlled vehicles that had not been approved
for use by the ARB, in violation of California’s anti-tampering laws.

California law prohibits the marketing or sales of parts that modify
emissions control systems of vehicles unless they undergo a formal
evaluation of their impact on the emissions control capabilities of the
vehicles they were intended for. “Maintaining the integrity of the emissions
control systems of vehicles is an important part of California’s clean air
efforts,” said ARB Enforcement Chief James Ryden. “We take seriously the
obligation to show that products do not reduce the effectiveness of
emissions controls prior to their sale in California.”

California’s emission control system anti-tampering laws include provisions
to allow manufacturers to sell aftermarket performance parts once those
parts undergo a comprehensive engineering evaluation that ensures that the
modifications do not cause excess emissions. Parts successfully completing
this process receive an Executive Order exemption that allows their sale and
installation on pollution controlled vehicles.

Premier cooperated with the ARB investigation and promptly halted sales of
non-compliant parts in California. The penalty of
$386,000 will be paid to the California Air Pollution Control Fund, which
supports efforts to decrease air pollution through education and the
adoption of cleaner technologies. The remaining
$129,000 will go to the Statewide School Bus and Diesel Emission Reduction
Supplemental Environmental Project administered by the San Joaquin Valley
Air Pollution Control District. The project is designed to retrofit or
replace old, dirty diesel school buses operating in California.

Modified vehicles that no longer meet California’s emission control
requirements pose a significant health threat to California residents. They
create higher amounts of smog-forming pollutants, which can then exacerbate
respiratory ailments and negatively affect other health conditions such as
shortness of breath, headaches, birth defects, cancer or damage to internal

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