Washington Post hosts event Transformers: Cities

Recently the Washington Post held an event entitled, “Transformers: Cities” which included three panels discussing how technology is impacting urbanization and how tech innovators and policymakers are utilizing data and advanced technology to bring America’s cities into the future.

The first panel entitled, “Smart Cities: The Future of Urban Development” included speakers Andrew Altman, Principal at Fivesquares Development, and Kimberly Nelson, Executive Director of State and Local Government Solutions at Microsoft. Altman discussed that there are two massive trends happening right now, and that is increased urbanization in conjunction with technological change. Altman highlighted that it is important that cities are able to use data and create platforms to help address complicated issues facing urban communities. Nelson echoed similar sentiments stating that it’s important that data driven, collaborative environments are created so that city programs can share the info they need to make the right decision and that’s where private companies can work with state and local governments and leaders.

The second panel entitled, “Innovations in Mobility” included speakers Tim Bean, CEO at Fortem Technologies, Ian Rainey, Senior Vice President at Northeast Maglev, and Stephen Taylor, Regional Director at Lyft. Conquering three different transportation industries in this panel, there was a lively discussion on digitizing the sky, highspeed rail projects, and environmental and safety impacts, and ridesharing.

The third panel entitled, “The Transformative Power of 5G” included speakers Geoffrey Starks, Commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission, and John Godfrey, Senior Vice President of Public Policy at Samsung. Both Starks and Godfrey emphasized the importance of having 5G. Not only will opening up the 5.9G band for traffic safety and vehicles to everything (V2X) technology increase safety for drivers and pedestrians, Godfrey explained how 5G will transform the phone experience. Starks also touched on how national security plays a role and bridging the rural divide. 5G networks will be able to operate faster in real time, in turn connecting more American’s to broadband.

To view the whole program, click here.

Written by Alexandra Moyer

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